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Hey, I’m Leonie.
I want to share my travel experience on this blog with you, even if you’re rolling or walking.
Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

We had a nice wheelchair accessible apartment with a kitchen named Biz Apartment Hammarsby. We always had breakfast at „home“ and we had pasta one evening.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

First we visited the old town Gamla Stan and went to Drottninggatan Street, It’s the main shopping street. We had a coffee and went shopping. 

Ericsson Globe, StockholmOne of my highlights was Ericsson Globe Skyview. The Ericsson Globe is an arena and Skyview is an exterior inclined elevator  which transports visitors to the top of the arena for a virtually unobstructed view of Stockholm.



We boughtt tickets before at https://skyview.ebiljett.nu/Home/events

On our last day we went to Skansen Open-Air Museum. My friend anStockholms stadsbibliotekd me got a discount there.

We had one rainy day. So we visited Stadsbiblioteket (library). I don’t understand Swedish butit looks so nice. Next to the library is the Observatoriclunden Park. A pretty parc and shopping at Gallerian (Shopping-Mall).




Stadion, StockholmWe had a 96 hours ticket for the metro. So we visited some colorful metro stations.

• Station;  Tekniska högskolan – Rainbowstairs (like Mario Kart)

• Station: Stadion – Rainbow

• Station: Rådhuset (ground)

• Station: T-Centralen (blue & white)

• Hötorget (Gameboy-symbols, outside)



We went to a typical Swedish restaurant called „Meat Balls for the People“ and we had burger at Flippin Burgers. 


Here is my Google Maps list.

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