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I want to share my travel experience on this blog with you, even if you’re rolling or walking.
Gulfoss, Iceland


When I told people I will visit Iceland next month I heart „I think it won’t be that easy with a wheelchair“. The more I heart something of that the more I thought it is a crazy idea. But yes, it wasn’t. I had one of the best trips in my life!

Day 1: Reykjavik, Laugavegur – Mainshoppingstreet

It really was the most difficult place of our visit. Many restaurants in the first floor, shops with a step at the entrance and no ramp or lift. But not everywhere. 

When you are going up the street Laugavegur you’ll stand in front of the church Hallgrimskirkja.

In the evening we have been to Grótta lighthouse to watch the northernlight and saw them at the first day! But this place was so full. At the next evening we went to the other side in the Nesklúbburinn parc and there wern‘t that many people. Between September and April you can see the northernlights when the sky is clear. Look at the moonphase when you are booking your trip.

I can’t put it into words. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

Black Sand Beach, Iceland

Day 2: We have been to Black Sand Beach in Vik.

There were stairs to the beach and wheelchair and sand together isn’t really nice. But there is a viewpoint at the Dyrholaey Lighthouse.

On our way there we stopped at the waterfall Skogafoss in Rangárþing eystra.

Perlan, IcelandDay 3: Wie visited Perlan. It hosts an exhibition, a planetarium, an observation deck and a restaurant. Everything was wheelchairaccessible and they have a special price for wheelchairuser.

The rest of the day we spend at Blue Lagoon. It’s really good for disabled people. They also have a discount for you and your assistent. But even its not cheap it is one of the must sees in iceland. There is a ramp in the water and you have a wheelchair made of plastic to get inside.

Don’t be as dumb as I was and keep your hair away from the water otherwise it gets so dry. I couldn’t brush it for days.


Day 4: Golden Circle, ca. 300 km Blue Lagoon, Iceland

On that tour I really think there will be so many barriers, but there were just one. 

On our way to our first real stop we stopped at Mosfellsbear and watched a beautiful sunrise.

First stop: Nationalparc Þingvellir We parked our car at parking lot P1 (visitor centre at Hakid) and went to the viewpoint at the upper end of Almannagjá. My friends went to Oxararfoss, but there are stairs on the way there. My mother and me went to Silfra by car. (parking lot P5). It is a rift formed in the divergent tectonic boundary between the North American and Eurasian plates.

Geyser, IcelandSecond stop: Geysers in Bláskógabyggð One of the most coolest things I have ever seen. A geyser is a spring characterized by intermittent discharge of water ejected turbulently and accompanied by steam.

The lively Strokkur spouts water 30 meters into the air every few minutes.

Our last stop: The waterfall Gulfoss The parking spot was next to the waterfall. Can’t be easier and there were (like almost everywhere) parking lots for cars with a wheelchair. You just need your blue parking card. 

So make sure not to forget yours.

What I do when I go again:

• Diamond Beach


Here is my Google Maps list.

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