… come along, I’ll show you the world!

Hey, I’m Leonie.
I want to share my travel experience on this blog with you, even if you’re rolling or walking.

This is me.

I wasn’t very stable on my feet and I had problems with balance – but I didn’t think much of it. 
„I thought I was just very clumsy“
Fast forward ten years and I’m now sitting in a wheelchair. I was diagnosed with a rare neurological disease – Friedrich Ataxia. 
I am one of around 1500 affected people in Germany. 
But I’m still living my dream of travelling the world 
- Leonie
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Let’s travel the world together …


My parents have travelled with my siblings and me when we were younger and before they had children, they travelled also international.
I started to work and earn my own money in 2016. Then I started to travel more.
You should book a online Special Service after booking your flight ticket rightaway (at least 48 hours before departure).
In the first step you have to choose weather your wheelchair is manually propelled or provided by electric motors (if so battery must be removed), what you need help for and if you want to get picked up at the check-In or at the gate.
First, you need to go to the check-In Counter at the airport (most airlines allow you to do the check-In at first class), the staff calls your service and register your wheelchair for the flight.
You can choose weather your wheelchair should be chosen as a bulky luggage and your service will pick you up with one of their own manual wheelchairs from the airport. Sometimes, they are going to come to the plane with your own wheelchair and they would load it when you board. At your arrival you get picked up with your own wheelchair too.
You can also choose if you need help on the plane and they have an on-board-wheelchair if you need to go to the toilet whilst on your flight.
I am working at the purchasing management for a furniture store.
I don’t pay rental fee and I don’t have car, so I’m spending my earned money for travelling.
I spend a lot of time planning my vacation well. 
I work four days a week and I never have to work on weekends and on Mondays so I have a lot of time planning my trips on weekends.
For example in May, there is a day called „Himmelfahrt“ and it’s a public holiday. So everyone in Germany is supposed to not work on that day. It’s always on a Thursday. Often, I use these public holidays and combine them with my free weekdays and weekends, in order to have more days for vacation. 

Organized! As I said I love planning and you can do so much more if you plan everything before. I save the things I want to do or see before I even plan to go there. I always have a rough plan if I choose to go somewhere spontaneously.

I get my ideas from Instagram, Pinterest and through travelblogs.
Also, I am googling a lot if a place is wheelchair accessible. If I can‘t find information online I contact the place directly.

My wish is to have a house in one of my favorite cities that can rebuild accessibly.

I am always happy to receive questions, ideas and suggestions from you, so feel free to write to me!