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I want to share my travel experience on this blog with you, even if you’re rolling or walking.

Dubai, UAE

Our hotel was Rove HealthCare City with a good accessible room. It’s not directly in the city but with taxi 10-15 minutes.Miracle Garden, Dubai

Our first highlight was a 90 minutes long yachting cruise with breakfast. (booked on getyourguide.com). The provider called Xclusive Yachts and it was 50€ per person.

We had a reservation in the restaurant Scape of the 7-star-hotel Burj Al Arab in the evening. You are only allowed to visit the island of the hotel if you have a reservation for one of the restaurants or if you are a hotel guest. (booked on jumeirah.com)

You can make a guided tour in the mosque Jumeirah (from Saturday to Thursday at 10 am) You can drink arabic coffee and tea and eat dates and other delicacies before the tour starts. You can barrow traditional clothing on site.

Visit the terrain of the Burj Park by Emaar in the evening. There is a fountain show (from 6 pm every 30 minutes). We booked (on getyourguide.com) a boattour during the water games.(not wheelchairaccessible)

There is a LED-show at the Burj Khalifa from 6:15 pm every 30 minutes who is here too.

We have been to the 124.+125. floor of the Burj Khalifa during the day. The entrance is in the Dubai Mall, a big shoppingmall with cinema, aquarium and ice rink.

We have also been to a Souk (market), with cloths, spices, gold and very motivated seller.

We had luck that we had travelled to Dubai in november. The largest flower garden Miracle Garden in the world just opened (open from november  to the beginning of may). It is f eaturing over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants. The parc is wheelchair-accessible and wheelchair-user are out of charge.

My highlight in Dubai was a desert safari. There is no space for a wheelchair in the cars but in the sand you can’t use it anyway and you don’t have to get out of the car. We drove to a camp where we had buffet, you can smoke shisha, ride camels and get a henna tattoo After that there was a show with traditional dances.

Our car drove close to our seats so that I don’t have a long way. On the other hand the driver were really kind and wanted to help all the time.

You can book a private desert safari alternatively.

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Scheich-Zayid-Mosque Abu Dhabi

Dubai Frame (Photospot)


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